The community group shakedown

As ever, a \”community group\” is trying to shake down one of the supermarkets.

In this case it\’s one in DC, trying to extort from WalMart. Worth reading the whole list but these three stood out for me:

  • Provide free shuttle transportation to and from the nearest Metro station to each D.C. store every 10 minutes.
  • Commit to traffic alleviation studies.
  • Provide up to 2.5 free or low-priced parking spaces per 1,000 square feet of building space.

Umm,what sort of idiot demands free parking and traffic alleviation?

Cretins, I tell ya\’

3 thoughts on “The community group shakedown”

  1. But, in fairness, they (the demands) all sound like thoughtful suggestions as to matters that might concern a management interested in improving worker’ conditions.

  2. In rereading, I note that these are not worker (but community) demands. Further note that they still might make sense from a purely business view.

    Many Walmart stores offer free overnight parking (sometimes with electric hook-ups) in designated areas for passers-thru (including RV-ers, etc.). I believe that’s “good for business.”

  3. If any of the demands would actually lead to increased business, it is a certainty that Walmart will agree and install them. “Every 10 minutes” is ridiculous, but probably just an opening bid. Difficult to see how traffic alleviation studies would be of benefit but Walmart typically provides free parking based on their own (pretty accurate) formulas.

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