The French are right here

As a gynaecologist reminded a friend of mine the day she confirmed her pregnancy: \”Your breasts are for your husband, not your baby.\”

Breasts do not exist so as to feed the baby. The milk glands do, sure, but the actual breasts are there for men to go \”Wooo Titties! Boobies!\” over.

Other mammals have the milk glands but only humans have the titties you see…..

9 thoughts on “The French are right here”

  1. The breastfeeders are one of the kind of second rank members of the Proggie Cranks Coalition. Always there, always pushing, but not quite up there with Global Warming and Smokers Should Be Executed.

    They had their big win a while back of course with the baby milk in Africa moral panic- stage managed by among others George Galloway’s War On Want- but since then they’re just sort of the viola players of the Progressive orchestra.

    This one seems to be a monstrous outgrowth of the maternalist wing of Feminism (the yan to the “Babies Are a Burden” yin, the wing who call mothers “bovines” etc) who believe the definining characteristic of womanhood is mothering. They particularly infest- an obvious nest- midwifery, and are likely to throw custard pies at any mother who might timidly suggest there is more to her life than milk production. Some of them appear to be quite insane and see weaning as a terrible tragedy that separates a mother from the essential dependent milk guzzler that makes her life meaningful.

    As with all these cranks, they are very big in the Public Health Movement and of course the WHO. Last I looked, the “advice” is to keep a baby shackled to the tit for two years. I kid you not.

    They’re quite mad.

  2. Ah, boobies! My particular delight’s counting them, although I do tend to lose track after ‘one’ & have to start again.
    There was one memorable night I got as far as five though……………

  3. ‘m afraid I must take issue with you here, Mr W. his froggie gynie chap has got it completely wrong.

    I mean, where does he get off telling this lady “Your breasts are for your husband.”? What about the rest of us?

    Even if he has a particular (and unjust) loathing for the members of the philandering community why does he expect Madame to deny red-blooded maledom and the ladies in comfortable shoes their right to a good oggle?

  4. I’m just glad that, having got middle aged, I’ve at last got some of my own. Not quite the same though for some reason, it turns out. It appears that breasts are a matter of context.

  5. Breasts may be for the husband, but I can’t help thinking that a man ought to be willing to share them with his own offspring for while. Personally I found the whole business kind of charming.

  6. Philip Scott Thomas

    …I do tend to lose track after ‘one’ & have to start again.

    Another way in which martinis are like women’s breasts.

  7. “Another way in which martinis are like women’s breasts.”

    May be enjoyed whilst hanging out in better bars?

  8. Tits are like Trains Sets – they’re meant to be for the kids, but the dads end up playing with them!

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