The real meaning of the tsunami

The only way out is to militate for an alternate interlinkage: between global anticapitalist political contestation and a renascent environmental movement with opposition to nuclear power at its heart. A political ecology up to the task would embrace the human-nature hybridity, in all its complexity, but toward a new alliance designed to step outside the vicious circle. Also required is a realisation that the affective turn in the functioning of political legitimation that has come with the media saturation of global culture is likely irreversible. An ecological alter-politics must also be an alter-politics of affect.

One day someone will translate that into English.

In the meantime, my attempt is \”in order to deal with earthquakes and tsunamis we should all be hippies\”.

7 thoughts on “The real meaning of the tsunami”

  1. As I was reading it and before I got to your translation I was thinking WTF??

    That’s the problem with lefties – don’t know how to call a spade a spade. Why use one simple sentence when lots of bollox will suffice instead

  2. Surreptitious Evil

    It is also full of errors as well as nonsense:

    Hurricane Katrina, for example, was used by the Bush administration to break down the historical prohibition against the domestic deployment of national military force in America. A US National Guard (sic) was recalled from Iraq for service in Louisiana.

    There has never been any prohibition against the deployment of the National Guard – who are state troops – eg the Kent State disaster. It’s one for federal troops and, frankly not a strong one – the US Army Corps of Engineers non-military activities, for example, and Little Rock (NG deployed by the Governor, then federalised and 101 Airborne deployed to protect the black students.)

    I respectfully suggest the author is, as is traditional for that paper, woefully ignorant as well as, clearly – from Tim’s quote – so full of excrement it is bubbling forth in his prose.

  3. People on the modern Left are typically very taken with their own imagined cleverness, and are eager to show it off, hence the tendency towards Pseud’s Corner pishtalking.

    Also, their aims wouldn’t sound appealling if expressed in plain English: i.e. “we want to take your money and control your life”.

  4. Surreptitious Evil


    You are saying Poe’s Law? I’m saying this is neither parody nor harmless. Real idiots read and believe this stuff. Brian Massumi is a real person.

  5. Surreptitious Evil

    Oh, and here you can see that he spouts crap on his own website, not just in the Manchester press 🙂

  6. SE
    This stuff is beyond parody. I accept that the world is full real live idiots who purport to understand what he means by this (and who also think that he fully understand what he means), but I truly don’t believe there is much harm done here. This is purely in the realms of third-rate sociology.

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