This subject always rather amuses me

But there the similarities with papa seem to end. While the marquess, also known as the “Loins of Longleat”, keeps an estimated 75 “wifelets”, the viscount remains unmarried (though perhaps for appearance’s sake he has been accused, wrongly it now transpires, of fathering a daughter out of wedlock).

Not just because he\’s the Marquess of Bath of course. But because I know (perhaps knew is better) one of those wifelets. At around about the time that she started being one of them.

One could see what he saw in her of course: it was working out the other way around that was more difficult. A quick flick around the web  now answers that question quite nicely, but no names, no pack drill, no details that could lead to identification.

From what I recall she was also at one time dating one of the more dreary of Britain\’s socialist film makers. An od pairing of companions really.

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