Tim Yeo and shale gas

Isn\’t this a surprise?

The minister was speaking before the Energy and Climate Change Committee, which is headed by Tim Yeo. Mr Yeo criticised the secrecy surrounding government research into the impact of shale gas operations.

\”The suspicion in the United States of the environmental impacts of shale gas has been greatly increased by the reluctance of the companies and, in some cases the regulators, to disclose to the public what\’s actually happening,\” Mr Yeo noted. He said that secrecy was holding the industry back.

Tim Yeo has substantial investments in alternative energy. Investments that would go pear shaped if we all let rip with shale gas.

As with the British journalist, you don\’t have to buy a British politician. Some of them give thte appearance of having sold themselves without even needing that buyer.

3 thoughts on “Tim Yeo and shale gas”

  1. I heard, but might possibly have misunderstood, a person in a rather well-informed position say that the obstacle to shale gas exploitation is the drilling. Current methods, probably to comply with the regulations, are just too expensive.

  2. The Laughing Cavalier

    You will find the chump, aka Al Gore, opposing shale gas for the same reasons as Yeo. Arrogant fatheads and rent-seekers the both of them.

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