Timmy elsewhere

At the ASI:

Waiting for the lights to go out in California

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  1. I’m wondering whether to buy a generator. Because it’s hard to store petrol safely I’d prefer a diesel version. Any recommendations?

  2. But they passed a law! How can it fail? If it turns out it’s not physically possible, they can just pass another law to change that can’t they?

  3. I’ll second that request dearieme. I see rolling blackouts in the near future, from lack of investment in baseload capacity alone. One bushfire a few years ago here in Victoria, Australia damaged a single interstate transmission line, and caused a several hour blackout across most of Melbourne. They didn’t have the backup to fill in the gap from not being able to import electricity. And that’s a pretty minor incident.

    Maybe I can get some recommendations from some farmers I know. I believe Honda make some decent diesel gensets.

  4. at least California can bring in electricity from Oregon and Washington….just as we rely on France for our continued supply when the wind doesn’t blow and the trickle from wave technology is not quite enough to light a single bulb.

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