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How to save the planet: ignore the Greens.

At The Register.

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  1. Bjorn Lomberg says much the same thing – that the money being pumped into first generation renewables (current solar PV and windmills) is being wasted. It would be better to spend it on research instead and save some of the capital for the major investment that will be required in 30 years or so for the new technologies. Why buy a whole lot of PV panels that will be outdated soon? Doesn’t that just shift the incentives from research to make them actually workable (and you’re right, wind never will be) to rent-seekers eager to shift the current stock?

    I’m not so sure I agree that there’s any need to do anything other than adapt or that we can stop any change that may be happening – I’m much more on the skeptic side – but pissing away huge amounts of money on ineffective solutions is wrong either way.

  2. Tim, good job mentioning the windmills and their power _consumption_ when the wind isn’t blowing, a little known factoid there.

    Worth repeating that Green ideology is analogous to that of the Great Leap Forward, most of their silly schemes actually consume resources but score high on the “social responsibility” factor: light bulbs, recycling, hybrid cars, etc.

    The old adage about watermelon politics is as true as it has always been. It really is about control of people’s lives and nothing more.

  3. Surreptitious Evil

    Ignore them? What about a bit of active enthusiasm. I’m sure most of them would compost down quite satisfactorily.

  4. Good article, Socratic even. Nice to see the debate being broken down into its constituent parts.
    1. Is it happening?
    2. Is it our fault?
    3. Can we do anything useful about it?
    4. If so, at what cost in money and misery?
    Personally I like skiing but I have some sympathy for those (Matt Ridley, CO2 Science, etc. Are there more?) who argue that a bit of global warming is actually a good thing. So perhaps I should rephrase Q3: “Should…”

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