Timmy in French

Bloke\’s put possibly more effort into translating and commenting on this than I did in writing it:

Une autre façon de voir la chose, encore plus déprimante, est que la plus grande barrière à surmonter le problème des changements climatiques est le mouvement Vert. Ils (NDT: les Verts) ne nous laissent pas faire ce qui pourrait résoudre le problème, et insistent pour que nous poursuivions dans une avenue qui ne fonctionnera jamais, comme ces foutues éoliennes.

So, anyone actually speak French properly? Does \”foutues éoliennes\” really mean \”bloody windmills\”?

7 thoughts on “Timmy in French”

  1. I think it’s a bit ruder than “bloody.”

    On a happier note, eoliennes is a nice word – it relates to Aeolus, god of the wind.

    Not that I knew the French for windmills five minutes ago.

  2. foutues is somewhat more prosaic .. think of a word beginning with ‘f” and ending with ‘ing’ …

  3. Another way of looking at it, even more depressing is that the greatest barrier to overcoming the problem of climate change is the Green movement. They (NDT: the Greens) will not let us do what might solve the problem, and insist that we go into an avenue that will never work, like those damned windmills.

  4. Yep, “foutues éoliennes” is “fucking windmills.” Plus, q.v. ‘Aeolian harp’ which I reckon adds a sight more to the gaiety of nations than that Aeolian harpy Caroline Lucas*. Oh, and there’s the Aeolian mode in music theory.

    * and you can use the phrase ‘von Karman vortex street’ and sound well clever

  5. I always like seeing myself cited in foreign languages – I can blissfully assume that they are all saying nice things about me.

    And since no-one I know speaks Bulgarian or Roumanian, my happy ignorance is unlikely to be challenged.

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