Today\’s PR release from the pork barrel

Roads should be safer, eh?

The Road Safety Foundation and RAC Foundation have urged the Government to spend “just a fraction” of the money lost to Britain because of crashes.

The report ‘\’Saving Lives, Saving Money: the costs and benefits of achieving safe roads\’’ calls for an investment of £8 billion over the next decade.

It calculated that accidents cost the British economy up to £30 billion a year.

Much of the Bill is picked up by the National Health Service while ordinary drivers are finding themselves out of pocket as insurance premiums soar

So who is it that is actually saying this?

The Campaign for Safe Road Design is run by the Road Safety Foundation. And who is behind that? Well, how about the Institute of Highway Engineers? Or the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation?

Yes, that\’s right children. While we don\’t call them unions beause they are in fact professional bodies that is what they really are. Unions for professionals. And their pitch is that more taxpayer money should be paid over to the sort of work their members do.

Hey, it might even really be a good idea but the source is a tad tainted really.

There Institute of Advanced Motorists called for better training to tackle the problem.

“The IAM wants to see incentives for all drivers to improve their skills so that they are well prepared to cope with the wide variety of road conditions highlighted in this report,” said Neil Greig, the director of policy and research.

Yes, that\’s right. The people who get paid to provide advanced driving training think that there should be more incentives for people to get advanced driving training.

This is news in the same sense that Davind Cameron asking people to vote Tory is news.

But then Mondays are always easy days to get this sort of stuff into the newspaper.

4 thoughts on “Today\’s PR release from the pork barrel”

  1. The IAM wants to see incentives for all drivers to improve their skills

    But those incentives already exist. Certainly some insurance companies offer discounted premiums to people who can prove they have passed the IAM course and exams. As evidenced by this extract from …. wait for it ….. the IAM website:

    Thousands of drivers take our advanced driver programme (Skill for Life) every year. Their feedback is impressive – they find the experience enjoyable, the observing excellent, and often say it was one of the best things they have ever done. Many also go on to receive substantially reduced motor insurance premiums.

    So not only are vested interests pleading for more government money, but they appear to be prepared to be economical with the truth to get them.

  2. Remittance Man:

    Yes, it’s really (not) remarkable how economical with the truth the uneconomic tend to be. Over and over, actually–on every front.

  3. But dont the NHS recover some (all?) of the costs of an accident from the insurers?

    I had difficulty googling the subject and find lawyer speak hard to understand. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    As to the claimed 30 billion estimate…

    In 2007 the audit commission “changing lanes” report estimated the cost to the NHS for road accidents was 470 million. And the cost to the economy as a 7.2 billion. (

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