@Ukuncut and the Facebook pages

When even The Guardian says you\’ve been numpties then yes, you\’ve been numpties:

It is not yet known how many groups have been affected in total. A Facebook spokeswoman explained that the profiles were suspended because they had not been registered correctly and denied that the removal of pages was politically motivated or instigated by law enforcement concerns before the royal wedding.

Facebook accounts that claim to represent individual people but are in fact groups or organisations contravene the company\’s \”statement of rights and responsibilities\”.

The company said a number accounts were suspended at the same time.

Facebook uses technology to track relationships between groups and when one \”fake\” profile is found, pages that have links to it are also checked. This is done to maintain safety and security on the site and the removal of everything from fake celebrities to pages representing pets is a regular occurrence.

A useful piece of advice for you: RTFM.

It means \”read the fucking manual\” and it\’s useful advice because it means more than just trying to do so when software or computers are involved. It\’s generally good advice about Life the Universe and Everything really.

3 thoughts on “@Ukuncut and the Facebook pages”

  1. Surreptitious Evil

    You’re oppressing them. Stop it.

    They have decided that they are victims of an evil right wing conspiracy and you are expecting facts to change their minds?

  2. Damn those pesky kids!
    We were rebels, right on track to take over the world, except we skipped our bus fare and got thrown off by the conductor.
    If it wasn’t for that conductor…

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