Wet houses

Excellent piece here.

What do you do with alcoholics who don\’t want to be cured?

Get them off the streets of course, out of the emergency rooms, stop arrresting and jailing them. Put them in a \”wet house\”. Just like sheltered living for addicts who want to get off the juice, but let them drink while they\’re there.

If they want to drink themselves to death, well, fine, just don\’t do it in the street and frighten the horses.

Now all we need is for the same logic to extend to drugs…..

3 thoughts on “Wet houses”

  1. At Brockwell Park, in Herne Hill in London, there was always a group of old street alcoholics sitting near the main entrance. To remove them, rather than try to chuck them out, the council created an area with benches and shelter for the rain for them just to the side, screened off by some bushes.

    Struck me as a very civilized solution. They were park users too and facilities were provided.

  2. Drink and drugs have what economists call externalities. Let those externalities (the victims, the familes) vote on how to manage these problems.

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