What bugs me about Chris Patten

No, not the europhilia (although that grates) but the Heresiarch has something about his religious faith:

It makes people think I\’m peculiar and lack intellectual fibres because I don\’t have any doubts about my faith, but I\’d be terrified to have doubts.

Which is really a rather odd statement actually.

For his faith is Catholic, Papist, he\’s married to a divorcee (brief marriage, probably shouldn\’t have happened in the first place, but rules is rules) and he\’s been known to complain quite bitterly about not being able to receive communion as someone married to a divorcee (but rules is rules, see?).

It\’s just a bit difficult to believe both things, that the Church is right (\”no doubts about my faith\”) but also that marrying a divorcee and taking communion is just fine.

9 thoughts on “What bugs me about Chris Patten”

  1. Remember what Tebbit is said to have shouted when Patten lost his seat?

    “Tory gain!”

    A poor Tory, and a poor Catholic. I’m not proud of having him on either footing.

  2. Never could stand the man. As M.P. for Bath he could hardly wait to be rid of me from his surgery when I went to moan about the damage his oppo. David, now Lord, Young was doing to the licensed trade. The wet platitudes I was given as he openly looked at his watch scarred me for life. You may remember the world class moaner I was in those days, Tim.

    Tim adds: You had much to complain about. Father was less than impressed with him when he met him professionally from the other side, as an RN officer and Patten was a minister.

  3. “but rules is rules, see?”: that’s surely a rather ahistorical view of the Roman church? I mean, for Important People.

  4. Grow up. I am not a Catholic but Patten’s Faith is in his Saviour not every pettifogging detail of the dogma of the Roman Catholic church.
    I don’t belong to the left wing of the Conservative Party but I can respect his right to hold his own political viewpoint and if a pint cost more than twice as much in a pub as in a supermarket then I feel that the worst damage to the licensed trade is being committed by the licensed trade itself.

  5. I would say that his fear of atheists being right, precisely demonstrates his lack of intellectual fibres.

    As Dawkins has frequently pointed out, religion being a comfort does not make it true.

    BTW, Heresiarch is not quite right about the Brights. It was chosen to mimic the adoption of the word “gay”. So that those of a naturalistic non-religious view could express themselves with a positive adjective (not a fearful one, Mr Patten. The opposite of Bright is not (in this case) stupid (even if they are), just as the opposite of “gay” is “straight”, not “sad”.

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