Why do alpha males like nuclear power?

It\’s all that thrusting of rods into the core, innit?

That\’s (no, really!) the view of the Low Carbon Kid.

Incredibly this man used to be employed by DEFRA to tell us all about climate change.

10 thoughts on “Why do alpha males like nuclear power?”

  1. The whole thrusting rods into cores thing a legacy of following the Navy way. Make of that what you will.

    Real men support advanced fuel cycle technology that involves none of that.

  2. “Why do alpha males like nuclear power?”

    Because they think it is a beta source of power than anything else.

    Regardless of their view on any given issue many public figures and advocates are arguably already alpha males (even the wimmin), or at least trying to be. LCK’s idea only works if you ignore the rest of the population who support, object to or are indifferent to nuclear power in various proportions.

  3. He first needs to demonstrate that tbe advocates of nuclear power really are overwhelmingly alpha males; a coversation with someone is, alas, insufficient, especially as the other person probably shared the same biases as him.

    BTW, isit possible that the people he classifies as ‘alpha males’ are the people most likely to think rationally about things?

    BTW, i am gutted I missed his novel ‘satirising’ nuclear power.

  4. Well I support nuclear and I’m a weedy, working class Omega male. Since he mentions Chernobyl what about those very brave men who sacrificed their lives in an effort to shut down and seal the plant ? Quite handy that there were some Alphas about then.

  5. “It is the same force as that powering the sun – how symbolic is that?” Is this man retarded? and he is employed by DEFRA you say? We’re doomed

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