Wikipedia names the super injunction names

This is amusing, isn\’t it?

The identities of four celebrities who obtained draconian injunctions to hide details of their extra–marital affairs have been disclosed on Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia.

Editors have done their best to edit the profiles back but given the way the site works, those revelations are still available in the history section.

Unfortunately, you\’ve got to have a good idea of who it is before you can find out who it is, for the revelations are in the profile pages: not, unfortunately, in a new page listing the subjects of the super injunctions.

So to find out who was shagging Imogen Thomas you\’ve got to have a good idea of which married premiership star was shagging Imogen Thomas in the first place. To find out which actor got an 80% discount on the Wayne Rooney price with Helen Wood (paying £195 rather than Rooney\’s £1,000) you\’ve got to have a good idea of who was getting a cut rate legover from Helen Wood.

Much to my bitter disappointment they don\’t seem to have revealed who is the \”prominent Yes to AV campaigner\” who has been dallying with a woman not his wife. Given that this is politics, not showbusiness or football (but do I repeat myself?), given that the practice of politics is in fact \”Trust Me!\”, I have a feeling that that\’s one where there is a public interest in knowing who it is.

If it\’s who I think it is (on the basis of no facts whatsoever, I might well be just listening to the gossip that confirms what I want to hear) it would also have most of us laughing like a drain at the revelation. And adding to the gaeity of the nation is also in the public interest I submit.

We know, for example, that it\’s not David Cameron, despite his wife just having had a child. Late pregnancy and those first couple of months after childbirth being prime time for a married man to have an affair. For Cameron is a prominent \”No to AV\” campaigner. Other than that, we\’re all rather in the dark really.

As it is intended that we should be.

12 thoughts on “Wikipedia names the super injunction names”

  1. Actually, as per Wikipedia:Biographies of Living Persons policies a lot of these revisions are being deleted from the pages’ histories.

    Of course, if the page of the person you suspect has five or ten deleted edits in its history in the last week and a half, that’s a bit of a give away as well.

  2. On the alleged Yes campaigner – his sole non-appearance supports my suggestion that there is no such person it is simply the No campaign playing very dirty.

  3. You’d have thought Imogen Thomas wouldn’t be cryan, she must have gotten a lot of giggs out of all this this publicity.

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