A Larry Elliott question we can answer

Dominique Strauss-Kahn: who could succeed him?

John Warboys?

4 thoughts on “A Larry Elliott question we can answer”

  1. Actually this rather enhances GB’s chances.

    The Yank administration, being considerate sorts, are rather upset by the whole thing (in terms of “global diplomacy”, not in terms of “NYPD”, who are rightly not ashamed at all, or “that particular sleazeball”), and so will be considerately willing to pick a Euro.

    Sarko, who has had the best thing that could ever have happened happen to him (it will now be a run-off between him and a Nazi, so he’ll win) but whose country looks rather ashamed, will be willing to pick anyone other than a Yank.

    The Germans run the Eurozone, so are generally ignored in IMF games.

    And also, “man the least likely to ever want to have sex, rapey or otherwise, with anyone”

    I’m checking PaddyPower…

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