Adam Curtis and the self-organising network

Very bizarre piece.

How anyone can write on the point without at least mentioning Smith and Hayek is beyond me.


6 thoughts on “Adam Curtis and the self-organising network”

  1. He can’t seem to grasp that the Big State lost for a reason.

    In an interview with The Register he talks about how the left doesn’t seem to have any ideas, missing the point that the central idea of the left was tried and shown again and again to fail.

    Rather than addressing these things, he just finds these obscure situations or individuals and tries to use them to disprove ideas he doesn’t seem to like.

    The fact is that this thing we’re doing all this talking on is almost entirely self-organised and works very well.

  2. If I had a time machine I’d travel back to 1912 and kick that rancid cunt H. G. Wells in the balls. What a complete fascistic bell-end. Mussolini with a provincial grocer’s moustache.

  3. But, David, then he’d travel back in time and buy a metal crotch box, and then you’d travel back in time and…

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