An interesting and unsourced rumour about Ryan Giggs

All those years of playing football, all those huge, millions a year incomes.

I\’ve heard that he might lose all that money.

Lawyers really are terribly expensive, you know?

10 thoughts on “An interesting and unsourced rumour about Ryan Giggs”

  1. Completely unrelated.

    If you had an affair (hypothetically Mrs Worstall) and things went tits up, would you hide, and act like a cunt, or would you stand up and take what was coming?

    Pah, these people make me sick.

  2. Yes, top lawyers charge obscene amounts of money. But Giggs has made stupendous amounts of money over the years. Gigantic amounts. If he doesn’t have enough left to pay his lawyers, then you can bet that’s because a lot of it was spent on other things in the past.

  3. So the lawyers are demanding more money than he has left?
    What does that tell you about the IQ of the lawyers? What is their shoe size?

  4. What does that tell you about the IQ of the lawyers?

    That it’s higher than their wealthy clients’, generally?

  5. So Much For Subtlety

    John77 – “So the lawyers are demanding more money than he has left? What does that tell you about the IQ of the lawyers?”

    That it is quite high? After all, the amount of money that anyone has left is a very flexible concept. As heroin addicts prove every day. There’s money in the bank. Now your client is not going to be honest about that. There may be less or there may be more than he says. Then there’s assets he may or may not have. Again, not something he is going to come clean about. Then there’s other forms of capital, let’s call it social capital. Does he have an elderly aunt he can beg for more? Does he have some chums in the City who can pass around a hat for him? Does he have enough fame to do a series of shows based on how much he hates paying lawyers’ bills a la John Cleese? Can he whore himself out to the Tabloids for cash?

    You know, people can surprise you when it comes to their inventiveness.

    So a sensible lawyer racks up the legal bills utterly shamelessly. Indeed the less likely he is to pay, the more you should do so. If you’re lucky you will get paid a fraction in the following settlement – but it will be the same fraction as everyone else he owes money to, so if you pad your bill as much as possible, you may actually get paid in full for the work you really did.

  6. Tim,

    I had thought of that myself, and was going to say so this evening, until I saw you had done so already, and had drawn comments from people using anonymous taglines.

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