Ban lobbying say lobbyiers!

Or at least, don\’t listen to those lobbiers over there, only listen to these lobbiers over here:

Britain is being accused of undermining a European-wide drive to ban forecourt sales of petrol and diesel derived from the carbon-heavy tar sands of Canada.

The Co-op and green groups claim coalition ministers are refusing to back other countries which want tar sands specifically named in a new fuel quality directive scheduled to come into force this autumn.

\”It is extremely disappointing that the UK has caved in to pressure from Canada, which sees Europe as setting a dangerous precedent for the rest of the world to follow, potentially closing one market after another,\” said Paul Monaghan, head of social goals and sustainability at the Co-op.

\”If it really does want to be the greenest government ever, it must lead by example and not be swayed by aggressive Canadian lobbying,\” he added.

Of course, what Mr. Monaghan himself is doing doesn\’ty count as lobbying, does it?

For his heart is pure.

2 thoughts on “Ban lobbying say lobbyiers!”

  1. If importing Canadian tar sands to the UK makes a profit that can mean only one thing: the oil price is high.
    And if you were promoting alternative energy, what would be your best subsidy?
    You got it: high priced conventional energy.
    Jeez, if these guys went to paradise they’d complain about the quality of the harps.

  2. I don’t know but experience would suggest that the Co-op will have sufficient political contacts to be getting money for its work on “sustainability” from government sources. In which case it is a fakecharity which makes all the difference.

    Lobbying government by companies or individuals outside it is not to be allowed, particularly if it is lobbying for less regulation. Lobbying of governemnt by government funded organisations for the purpose of persuading them and usus that we need more government is the major purpose of government.

    And of course they can rely on government advertising funded fakenewspapers like the Guardian to push the story. Perhaps the BBC will pick it up.

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