CSI really ain\’t true

(One leading geneticist noted in 1989 that clinical and forensic labs have to meet higher standards to diagnose strep throat than to put a defendant on death row.)

5 thoughts on “CSI really ain\’t true”

  1. It always makes me smile when they get the DNA results the next day, good luck with that! 6-8 weeks would be more like it.

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    I saw that too. But the author mistakes the purpose of scientific labs and police work. The police labs are there to help convict people. Most real scientists want answers. It doesn’t follow the police do.

  3. I remember somebody pointing out once that if the police have labs, then in the interests of justice the defence should have them too. It was such an obvious point I was ashamed I hadn’t thought of it myself.

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