Dear Mr. Cohen: you are being a tad unkind

A man it called \”King Constantine of the Hellenes\” was in Westminster Abbey. \”Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia\” and one \”King Simeon II of Bulgaria\” were included on the guest list, too. And, as if to make Dorothy Parker\’s point for her, they were joined by \”King Michael I of Romania\”.

Weddings really are when you invite all the cousins, whatever their fantasies about their place in the world.

A slight amusement in that most of them seem more closely related to Philip than Brenda but there we are. Would still be a bit unkind to insist that grandpops can\’t invite a few of his family to the do, wouldn\’t it?

2 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Cohen: you are being a tad unkind”

  1. A hack once challenged the Buck House protocol office, suggesting that ‘ex-King’ would be more accurate for Constantine of the Hellenes, to which the response was: ‘There are NO ex-kings.’

  2. Better a few interesting kings than all those new ‘lords’ and better still that all the other ‘leaders’ that swarm in the UK.

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