Does Amanda Marcotte do irony?

Maybe then, we could move into a future where we look at each other as human beings, instead of gender caricatures.

Given Ms. Marcotte\’s output over the years that\’s either the best bit of irony ever or the greatest display of an entire lack of sefl knowledge I\’ve ever seen.

For that output is entirely based upon the grossest of gender caricatures.


3 thoughts on “Does Amanda Marcotte do irony?”

  1. Amanda’s contributions to human knowledge include the following:

    A belief that the inclination to reproduce is a dastardly social construct maintained by unnamed villains solely to oppress women and prevent them becoming “complete individuals.” (Individuals like Amanda, surely a model to us all.)

    Then there’s her belief that an aborted 12 week foetus is merely “thwarted sperm” and those who disagree, including fathers-to-have-been, aren’t allowed to have any feelings whatsoever on the subject. Except for the oppressive motives she assigns to them based solely on their gender.

    And finally – a personal favourite – her belief that Christina Hoff Sommers, who pointed out factual errors in feminist text books, “has a symbolic hard-on for some righteous American male dominance” and is “trying to oppress women.” (How and why she doesn’t say, but she’s very adamant about this.)

    The same piece also includes this tremendous insight:

    “While I firmly believe a lot of neocon fuckwits here would love to have oppressed women in various Middle Eastern countries throw off the yoke of oppression, the only reason they want that is so that they can gloat about how they control their bitches better than the Muslims do.”

    The Guardian must be chuffed to have Amanda’s mighty intellect on board.

  2. As David T adumbrates, Marcotte is, as per usual, deploying the standard Leftist rhetorical trope, which is bald assertion taking the place normally occupied by an argument. Try to find a Lefty writing anywhere these days without the most grotesque display of question-begging and you’ll have accomplished a rare feat.

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