Ed Miliband\’s national mission

Labour needs to go far deeper than a Cameron-type strategy of superficial repositioning. We must set out a national mission

The task for the Labour party is to do what we have always done when we have succeeded: to set out a clear national mission .
So our challenge now is to respond to people\’s desire for a bigger politics and shape a national mission that speaks to their lives.

No you ghastly little man.

Our lives are not defined by some adenoidal teenager bleating about national missions. We do not require, need or even want to have a direction laid out for us. We\’ll chart our own courses from the cradle to the grave on our own thank you, without the intervention of some jumped television journalist trying to force us all onto some chosen path.

You are a politician, one we hire to do the scut work of society. There are things that have to be done and which can only be done by government. Work out who is going to pick up the rubbish, organise a courts system, run the company and Land registries, and yes, raise the tax needed to pay for these with the minimum hissing from the geese being plucked.

We\’re free people in a free land and we do not need to be dragooned into marching off to some New Jerusalem hailed by Hosannas and \”Glory Be\”s. Whether those ritual praise songs are about King and Country, God, Equality or Gaia.

Yes, I know this is all more boring than leading a New Crusade. But let\’s face it, you\’ve already got the personality suited to that de minimis we rightly demand from our servants.

5 thoughts on “Ed Miliband\’s national mission”

  1. I would like Britain to have some national goals. Not Milibland’s mediocrity run ecofascism obviously but something along the lines of wanting toi be a technological world leader, have close to the world’s fastest growth rate and being the leader in space development.

    I don’t see any of our “leaders” embracing anything like that but suspect it would be, of the 2, the more popular.

  2. All awfully fascist, that rhetoric, isn’t it?

    I daresay the Green faction will be supplying the requisite blood and soil.

  3. I propose we issue a job description document. Seriously, nobody else gets a job with a six figure salary where you get to define the job yourself.

  4. Its probably for the best that this particular idiots “vision” will remain unseen …….the self important idiot!

  5. So if I get that right, young Ed’s cunning plan is to say “what we need is a cunning plan”.
    DC must be quaking in his boots.

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