Er, yes, prisons and jails are different things

The Supreme Court said cramped conditions in the state’s prison system were causing “needless suffering and death.”

However, at the 1,600 capacity county lock-up in Castaic, north of Los Angeles the population currently stands at just two and the inmates can choose from hundreds of beds.

In the American system a prison is run by the State (sometimes the Feds) and is for convicted prisoners serving more than 6 months. A jail is for those on remand plus those serving less than 6 months and is run by the County, by the Sheriff\’s Department.

They\’re two entirely different systems in fact. So the idea that you can have one part over crowded and another almost empty isn\’t as absurd as it at first seems.

2 thoughts on “Er, yes, prisons and jails are different things”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Especially as the direct result of one of them being full has turned out to be the other is empty. New York has even been closing prisons.

    But thanks to the inventive imagination and Empire building of the Californian Courts, soon both will be full.

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