Finally, wisdom from Paul Krugman\’s blog

Charlatans and Cranks
from Paul Krugman by By PAUL KRUGMAN
They\’re all that\’s left.

Or rather, the RSS feed from Paul Krugman\’s blog is dispensing wisdom.

For it is indeed true that all that is left on the left is a series of charlatans and cranks.

For as Brad DeLong continually points out, Rule No. 1 is that Paul Krugman is always right. And we should take such wisdom where we find it, no?

1 thought on “Finally, wisdom from Paul Krugman\’s blog”

  1. has the unbelievable economic illiteracy, lies and bullshit eminating from the Republican Party passed you by?

    Tim adds: Luis, you really ought to know by now that you need to filter this blog though that irony/coppery filter you as a bright lad do in fact have.

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