Finding airline phone numbers

This is extremely annoying.

I want to make contact with the budget airlines.

No, not to complain, rather, to try and set up a joint venture type of thing. A business call in other words.

Yet actually finding the phone number of someone like Easyjet is near impossible.

Apparently they\’re so frit of their own customers that they\’ll only publish the call centre number, not the real office number.

Anyone got any ideas about how to actually find the real one?

13 thoughts on “Finding airline phone numbers”

  1. Get details from Companies House, then write to specific directors at the registered office? Not guaranteed, but worth a try.

    While waiting, you could try
    where people sometimes put up “real office” as opposed to “call centre” numbers.

  2. Another thought has occurred to me- if you can’t contact them direct, how about going via major shareholders?

    If a VC firm owns a significant chunk of EasyJet, then they should have no trouble passing on a message, and it would be in their interests to do so.

  3. How about asking press office (who you can contact) to get business development (which is probably what you want) to call you back.

    Or just call the call centre and again request that business development call you back.

  4. How about telling the press office that you are having an affair with the Deveolpment Director’s wife? He’d be on the phone to deny it straight away…..

    Hmmm…Maybe not…

  5. Try leaving a message for the strange Greek that started it saying you’ve got flying saucers, with little green men in them, landing on your lawn. From what I’ve heard guaranteed to get a result.

  6. Another option would be to try and speak to someone at Faro/ANA, assuming this is “golf holiday” related.

  7. Did you try the phone book? Their head office is at Luton Airport.

    Easyjet PLC
    Airport Approach Road, Luton, LU2 9PF
    09058 210905

    If that doesn’t work, try their fax number
    01582 443355

    or try any of the following

    Chris Walton Finance Director 01582 – 525 336
    Cliff Hide Investor Relations 01582 – 525 274
    Toby Nicol Public Relations 01582 – 525 339

  8. View from the Solent

    Unrelated, but could be interesting.
    With link to Der Spiegel.
    Emergency EU meeting tonight re Greece

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