Government buys private sector goods shocker!

Coalition\’s £56m a day bill to private companies

Woowee, eh?

The coalition has contracted private companies at the rate of nearly £56.6m a day since January, according to a Guardian analysis of government documents that casts new light on the extent of Whitehall\’s reliance on firms to do its work.

Ooooh, my!

The Treasury spent £532,767 on desks for its Westminster offices, the contracts, which span the surprising and mundane, reveal.

That might be a lot, too much, a good deal, who knows? But is there any turd blossom sufficiently socialist left to think that the government should be running a desk making factory?

And, umm, near £60 million a day eh? £600 million every 10 days, £6 billion every hundred, let\’s call it £24 billion for the year eh? Bit of rounding etc.

Err, The Guardian does know that the government spends some £240 billion* a year on goods and services from the private sector, yes?


*Number dimly remembered from a Ritchie post so Lord knows whether it\’s even in the right dimension.

6 thoughts on “Government buys private sector goods shocker!”

  1. A government desk factory might not be a bad idea.

    Assuming it’s like anything else the government does, the desks will be delivered two years late, will then sit around in the packaging for months until they find someone who has been on the proper desk-assembling health & safety course, and will then fall apart after three weeks of use.

    Meanwhile the civil servant who should be sat there won’t have had a desk, so won’t have been able to draw up any damaging new regulations.

  2. I can remember years ago, prisoners used to make a lot of furniture for the Home Office. I bought three really good quality mahogany doors at a government surplus sale.

  3. Don’t forget the Government owned saw mills to process the wood from the Government owned forest. The there is the Government owned steel works to make all the legs and other fixings and the Government owned logistics company to move it all around.

    Finally, we will need a Government owned newspaper to advertise all those jobs. Can’t have them advertised in a private newspaper, especially a tax dodging one.

  4. It doesn’t matter if they are buying from the private sector or not. What matters is was it necessary expenditure and was it value for money. Too often Government spending is not one of those and sometimes it is neither.

    From the article: “In March there was a small increase in the number of contracts awarded, though their value was not significantly higher. The Treasury is known to have suspected that some departments were applying a “use it or lose it” policy to their spending, and even fined one department, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, £20m based on those suspicions.”

    No shit. ‘some departments’? I’d bet most public authorities and organisations do this, hence frenetic line painting and refurbishing of street furniture in March.

  5. “It doesn’t matter if they are buying from the private sector or not. What matters is was it necessary expenditure and was it value for money. ”

    Actually, it does matter for when they are buying from the private sector they MAY be wasting money whereas when they are buying from the public sector they are SURELY wasting money

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