Guardian headline

Antisemitism, sex and beavers

What with this \”all newspapers must become international because of the internet\” thing might be worth reminding the Guardian\’s subs that for some 95%/97% of the population, sex and beavers are rather intimately connected. In American English that is.

The addition of antisemitism is less popular.

5 thoughts on “Guardian headline”

  1. The addition of antisemitism is less popular.

    True, but flirtation with a Hamas headbanger or a dose of Israel-bashing causes a lot of Guardianistas to cream their knickers.

  2. You don’t link to the article.
    I considered putting sex+beavers+antisemitism into the Graun’s search facility then recoiled at the possibility of finding several dozen article have used the three terms in conjunction.
    The Guardian does have a lot of headbangers……it’s not Laurie Penny is it?

  3. A friend of mine created a newsgroup on Usenet called It had links to pictures of beavers (as in Castor canadensis) and no sexual content whatever. It was a hoot.

  4. Looking back on my childhood, I’m amazed that the TV program “Leave it to Beaver” made it past the censors. *LOL*

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