Guardian subeditors in rampant idiocy

Diplomatic immunity and the culture of impunity

The case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn is an exception to the rule that NGO officials escape censure for alleged sexual misconduct.

Err, lads?

When you\’re talking about the UN, IMF, UNHCR, WHO and all the rest you\’re not in fact talking about NGOs.

An NGO is a \”non governmental organisation\”. What you\’re talking about there is \”inter governmental organisations\”.

1 thought on “Guardian subeditors in rampant idiocy”

  1. As with fakecharities, independent Chief Science Advisors, the BBC and what the BBC call “independent” because not part of the “framework of government” but nonetheless government financed bodies – watch carefully folks & you will see that at no time do the hands leave the sleeves.

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