How amazingly safe nuclear reactors are

The fuel in reactors No 2 and 3 is suspected to have melted amid reports that the operators Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) failed to cool the plant in the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

The news came only days after it was confirmed for the first time that a meltdown had taken place in the No 1 reactor only 16 hours after the earthquake and tsunami hit the plant.

So the worst really did happen.

The fuel rods did melt, instead of a reactor we\’ve now got a (or three) balls of corium.

And yet we\’ve still not had a major radiation leak. We\’ve had some iodine, yes, with that 8 day half life and that\’s pretty much gone by now.

Number of deaths from radiation: zero. Likely future deaths from radiation: zero.

Those nuclear plants were really amazingly safe when you look at it properly, weren\’t they?

3 thoughts on “How amazingly safe nuclear reactors are”

  1. But don’t tell the greenies – it will shatter their minds to let empirical evidence get in the way of shrieking emotionality?

  2. Only if you define “safe” in terms of safety. If you define it in terms media harahngues one can see that the reactor accident (zero dead) is far more dangerous than any mere tsunami (25,000+ dead)

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