How appalling Ms. Moore!

The Playboy/Mad Men vibe was on full show this week, weirdly enough, during Obama\’s visit. What was going on in the backyard of No 10? A barbecue, well obviously. David and Barack were serving meat. Burger and lambchops. A little bit country. A little bit rock\’n\’roll? …….. Still, there were the guys doing the meat fest while the first ladies got \”to man the salad bowls\”. And wear nice dresses. Does life get any better than doling out coleslaw?

If the body language between Cameron and Obama was stiff at times, it wasn\’t as stiff as between Sam and Michelle who we are told managed a bit of \”a natter\”. Incredible! They then posed ridiculously together on a sofa…….. Michelle appeared in a variety of gowns and took some girls to Oxford and yes, is eight foot tall and totally amazing. But why Oxford? Still, the message that you can make it wherever you come from is not one that our prime minister\’s wife could go round making. The Obamas look like royalty all right.

But this tableau got to me because, despite Michelle, it summed up so much of what is currently on trend here: women as ornaments, men making decisions and those decisions being largely based on the idea that we must look back rather than forwards.

The complaint seems to be that the two women, Sam and Michelle, were treated simply as ornaments.


So we\’ve the Prime Minister, one who, whatever one might think of him personally (not a lot but there we go), has managed to get elected as an MP and then lead to what is the definition of political victory in this country, a majority in the House of Commons.

We\’ve the President of the United States. Similarly an individual who has managed to climb to the top of the political greasy pole.

Then there are the two women (erm, individually, of course, not collectively) that they happened to fall in love with and marry along the way.

Err, yes, these are ornaments. In just the same way that Dennis was an ornament to St. Maggie, whoever Madonna happens to be shagging at the moment is an ornament …..

Two women who are famous simply because they are wives: and it\’s naughty of us all to view them as being what they are, wives?

To view women who have achieved something as people who have achieved something, yes, by all means. But to go al;l starry eyed at those who are ornaments to those who have as being admirable in their own right…..isn\’t this the Princess thing all over again? A woman gains status from who she sleeps with?

Ho hum.


12 thoughts on “How appalling Ms. Moore!”

  1. So Much For Subtlety

    As Prince Phillip often shows us, it is usually best when an ornament doesn’t make the headline.

    What she means is that women ought to have power and respect even if they have not earnt it. At least not earnt it by any means beyond putting out and getting a ring.

  2. Well this was one thing the Communists did get right. How many people even remember what Mrs Stalin, Mrs Lenin or Mrs Hoxha or Mrs Honnecher(sp?) looked like?

  3. Philip Scott Thomas

    Ms. Moore seems to have ignored the context of the barbecue, i.e., that it was a barbecue. Of course the wives served salad while the men served the meat. It was a barbecue. There are rules about these things.

    And anway, the “cupcake obsession” has nothing to do with the Conservatives. That’s the fault of Sex In the City.

  4. So Much For Subtlety

    Ian B – “Well this was one thing the Communists did get right. How many people even remember what Mrs Stalin, Mrs Lenin or Mrs Hoxha or Mrs Honnecher(sp?) looked like?”

    Alas quite a few people remember what Mde Mao was like. So not all of them got that right.

  5. It didn’t help that Cherie Blair used to strut around like Marie Antoinette, thus setting a precedent of sorts.

    Hillary reinforced it unfortunately.

    The Australian commentariat are having vapours over the treatment of our First Gentleman (Tim Mathieson) who isn’t even married to our current PM Julia Gillard! The shame! One of the few things I support her on.

    Tim – “Dennis” Thatcher was actually Denis. I expect better of you. Maybe you should outsource your subbing to Oz 🙂


  6. The dynamic’s not much different from running a stall at a village fête or a garden party, and from experience I know you don’t always hit it off immediately. If you get into the shandies sufficiently early the likelihood of successful lift-off is substantially improved.

  7. And Ltw FTW, although in the strict interests of blog nit-picking, that should really be /pendantry.

  8. “How many people even remember what Mrs Stalin, Mrs Lenin or Mrs Hoxha or Mrs Honnecher(sp?) looked like?”

    Probably a hell of a lot like Mr Stalin, Mr Lenin and Mr Hoxha …

  9. Nobody elected the wives to any position. Therefore, they should have nothing to do. If they want to make decisions, they can stand for a seat themselves.

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