How to make $2.04

From Tim Blair:

Responding to a reader who is unimpressed by his latest ridiculous column, tax-funded Osama weeper Bob Ellis makes an offer he may regret:

My columns have cost you, thus far, two dollars and four cents. Give me your address and I will send this back to you. My offer is open to anyone else so enraged.

It’s time to cash in! Send your invoice for $2.04 here. Include your name and address and the above quote, which Bob posted at the ABC’s Drum site at 9:27am on May 5. Use the phrase “Thanks for the money, Bob!” in the subject line.

Note: this offer is open to anyone, so foreign types should also take advantage of Bob’s generosity. Bloggers and other online folk: please circulate this windfall opportunity as widely as possible. Help Bob to help the world, $2.04 at a time.

And note that these are Australian dollars: quite valuable at the moment.

5 thoughts on “How to make $2.04”

  1. There was no rejoicing on Hitler’s death? What. The. Fuck?!

    Though note that he uses the weasel phrase “has no recollection of”, no surprise as it happened 66 years ago.

    Also, he seems to believe killing bin Laden will lead to “an atomic war”.

    This man is ridiculous. Why are news media throughout the Western world full of people like this?

  2. The difference is, Rob, that Hitler’s death happened while Soviet tanks were systematically destroying most of the infrastructure of Eastern Germany. The war was concluded with the German armed forces comprehensively beaten and the territory occupied.

    Osama’s death leaves the rest of al_Quaeda intact, ready to continue their “war”. The so-called war on terror can in no sense be said to have ended.

  3. The bread stealers have tumbled Tim, the site’s down alas – I could have done with a couple of Aussie bucks just at the moment.

  4. wonders just why any sane person would react negatively to the original column…as if killijng Michael Collins wiped out irish terrorism…is it an American thing?

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