Ian Mearns MP thinks his consitutuents are all drunken slappers

That\’s the conclusion to be drawn from this report

The controversial Girls Gone Wild franchise – in which young women, often intoxicated, are encouraged to strip and perform sex acts on camera – is planning to hit Britain and it is feared the party loving North East is firmly in its sights.

So concerned are a group of local MPs that they have now asked the Home Office to intervene to prevent the programme makers being allowed to operate in Britain.

OK, Girls Gone Wild. Modus operandi, take the cameras out, find some drunk totty and film it. Give \’em a t-shirt and make millions selling the DVDs.

Perhaps not the most intellectual of occupations but it seems to keep large numbers of people happy.

But a group of MPs led by Ian Mearns from Gateshead have lodged an Early Day Motion calling on the Home Secretary to ban the film makers from operating in this country.

It is not clear whether an itinerary has been agreed, but Mr Mearns said he was sure that Newcastle – with its reputation as a party city – would be on the list.

So, MP worried about the filming of drunken slappers insists that of course the first drunken slappers to be filmed will be in his area.

Conclusion: he thinks his peeps are drunken slappers.

Not the most delicate of things to say about those you represent, is it?

15 thoughts on “Ian Mearns MP thinks his consitutuents are all drunken slappers”

  1. This would be the North East that is, as our colonial cousins have it, under water, i.e. consumes more welfare than it generates in taxes? Surely we tax payers are entitled to a little amusement for our money?

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    That his constituents are drunken slappers is a given in modern Britain. I am just surprised he thinks they are pretty enough to be filmed. It is a vote of confidence.

  3. Like sorting out the huge building site that is Gateshead city centre that should have been completed long ago.

    That was the building in Get Carter, was it not?

  4. Philip Scott Thomas

    So basically a “politician tells the truth” shocker. He knows his constituents well.

    There is a a reason that when MTV decided to make a British version of “Jersey Shore” they came up here and called it “Geordie Shore”.

  5. I think my Autnie Rita is the only woman in Gateshead who isn’t a drunken slapper. The rest are horrible.

  6. Why is it (in their opinion) any of the State’s business?

    Or, to put it another way, is there anything – anything at all, anywhere, ever that they think they don’t have a right to meddle in?

    Thought not.

  7. No-one has any right top meddle in this project at all.

    Until, that is, the inevitable happens and they end up filming some young lass who turns out to be underage. That bit will be fun.

  8. I’ve seen their ads on TV (over here in the US).
    Surprisingly wholesome, all things considered.

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