If you\’re successful the politicians will hate you

As Muhammad Yunus has found out:

Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunus leaves microfinance bank

Peace prize recipient leaves pioneering Grameen Bank following legal dispute with Bangladeshi government

For if you go around successfully reducing poverty without the aid and assistance of politicians then why would the poor vote for politicians?

And if you think that politicians are actually interested in alleviating poverty, rather than utilising it as a method of getting votes, then read the story of how the politicians are deliberately trying to screw over both Yunus and Grameen Bank.

Cynical, moi?

1 thought on “If you\’re successful the politicians will hate you”

  1. A sad end to the career of a good man. He saw the proposition from the customer side: Am I prepared to pay usurious interest rates for an IRR of 500%? And not being stupid, the customer says YES. Then he found a way to reduce costs and defaults, so lowering the usury rates.
    Incidentally, I like the idea of the Bangladeshi govt insisting on the separation of money and politics. Does this mean we can economise on direct govt to govt aid through DFID?

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