Imogen Thomas was doing what?

A premiership footballer who has taken out a gagging order over his alleged affair with Big Brother contestant Imogen Thomas sought the injunction after she tried to blackmail him for £100,000, a court heard yesterday.

This is all getting weirder and weirder, isn\’t it?

3 thoughts on “Imogen Thomas was doing what?”

  1. As blackmail is a criminal offence, presumably the footballer concerned has handed all the evidence over to his local constabulary and the case is now sub judice. But isn’t it usually the perp that keeps her name out of the papers rather than the victim?

  2. Tim, to be fair, it’s Mr Justice Eady who said it looks like blackmail, and the footballer who said that Imogen Thomas asked him for money (and apparently there are other super-injunction cases where blackmail has been alleged).

    As Blue Eyes said, as blackmail is a criminal offence, so one would hope the police are involved…

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