In praise of Phil the Greek*

Surely she silently applauded when, with Downing Street spin doctors busy discussing what “roles” William and Harry should play in the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, he bellowed down a speakerphone from Balmoral: “F— off. We are talking about two boys who have lost their mother.”


World would be a better place of Downing Street were told to fuck off more often.

*Although whether he is Greek, umm, isn\’t he Danish really? Prince of the House of Greece and Denmark, ummm, actually, of the Danish-German House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, err, all gets a bit complicated really.

11 thoughts on “In praise of Phil the Greek*”

  1. He’s probably related to most of the european royal houses in one way or another, but it was his claim to the Greek thrown he had to renounce in order to marry Princess Elizabeth as she was then.

  2. Being safely delivered of his mother on a dining table in Corfu puts the “Greek” matter beyond doubt, even if it was very nearly 90 years ago (b. 10,06,1921). Your previous commenter is quite right that he had to renounce his place in the queue for the Greek throne. Old Phil himself says he is mostly a Dane.

  3. Surely he’s Phil the Dane. Being born in a stable does not make one a horse and all that.

  4. Why do right-on anti-racist comedians refer to him as Phil the Greek and to Her Maj as “German”? Could it be that, like everyone else, they are actually racist?

  5. Greek, Russian, German, Danish, educated in England, Germany and Scotland.

    Philip is the essence of the modern multiculturalist.

    Or would that be integrationist?

  6. @ John Galt
    Father’s privilege – I’m pretty sure mine did on a number of occasions: can you claim your father never did likewise?

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