Is there nothing Greenpeace can\’t do?

Charlie Kronick, Greenpeace\’s senior climate adviser, said there were \”very serious questions\” over the capability of the cap in extreme deep water. \”Pretty much all the technology brought to bear on the BP well was for shallow waters and [the UK] cap is just a slightly upgraded version.

\”It raises very serious questions about whether oil companies can ever respond to an accident in very deep water.

\”In the west of Shetland, companies are going to be at the absolute edge of technology – in exactly the same way as BP in the Gulf of Mexico.\”

Greenpeace is challenging the safety of deep water drilling near the Shetland Islands, where BP, Total and Chevron operate, in a landmark court case brought against the UK.

My word!

A climate advisor, one presumably au fait with things like CO2 in the atmosphere, methane from cow farts, feedback loops and clouds, is now an expert on deeps sea engineering is he?

That really is impressive, isn\’t it?

Anyone know where he got his engineering degree? Did his advanced studies? Seen his peer reviewed papers?

Or is he just doing that cow with the methane thing?

4 thoughts on “Is there nothing Greenpeace can\’t do?”

  1. Mr Kronick is very coy about his qualifications – or at least his educational qualification. I’m sure he went to school somewhere and might even have gone to university but much of his qualification appears to be as fully-fledged “Greenpeace hero” – driving inflatables, climbing and being an activist.

  2. I glad you picked up on this one.

    I was thinking once again, it shows how in the fight against climate change, the greens will do everything in their power to stop us actually getting hold of any fossil fuels.

    The controversy over shale gas is nothing more than environmentalists trying to slow down/stop the implementation of an effective medium term solution to CO2.

    “Because if it doesn’t cost the earth figuratively speaking, it must cost the earth literally”

  3. To be fair, I’m the engineering manager of a deepwater facilitiy and I haven’t the foggiest idea about deepwater engineering either.

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