John Edwards is going down

Hooh Hah!

The justice department is to accuse Edwards, once a rising star of the Democratic party as its 2004 vice-presidential candidate, of accepting substantial donations to his 2008 campaign from two wealthy supporters in order to cover up the relationship with his campaign videographer, Rielle Hunter, and the fact that they had a child together.

The charges come out of a grand jury investigation which heard from more than a dozen witnesses including Edwards\’s former chief aide, Andrew Young, who at one time covered up for his boss by falsely claiming paternity of the child and then writing a book about it.

Last year, Young discovered a video tape of Edwards having sex with Hunter among a box of personal possessions left at his home by his former boss\’s mistress. A judge ordered the tape to be turned over to the court as part of an investigation into whether cash given to Hunter by Edwards was in effect hush money.

Edwards is to be accused of using the campaign donations to support and seclude Hunter.

Edwards now faces the choice of attempting to reach a plea bargain which would result in him being struck off as a lawyer or taking his chances on a trial and the prospect of prison time.

Couldn\’t happen to a nicer man.

9 thoughts on “John Edwards is going down”

  1. There’s a heartfelt article by Amanda Marcotte in the Grauniad today about the fall of John Edwards. You’d need a heart of stone….

    In fairness though he did do quite well for Ireland in Eurovision.

  2. “There’s a heartfelt article by Amanda Marcotte in the Grauniad today about the fall of John Edwards. You’d need a heart of stone….”

    Oh, yes, indeed! I’ve been quietly chuckling as I read it…

  3. So Much For Subtlety

    Would it be sexist to suggest that AM clearly still has a thing for John Edwards?

    I guess so.

  4. Linky linky.

    Once upon a time I merely wanted Edwards defeated. When the fact arose that he’d sired a bastard while his wife had cancer and used campaign funds to pay off his bimbo, I wanted him jailed. On reading this emetic piece of dreck and finding Marcotte gets all damp in the gusset for him, I want him hanged.

  5. MikeinAppalachia

    He hasn’t actually been charged as yet. There are various opinions to the effect that this is all just to intimidate certain contributors from funding any challenge to TehWon in the coming primary.

  6. So Much For Subtlety

    4 Ross – “Well he certainly didn’t hire her for her quality of writing so maybe there’s more than meets the eye here.”

    But in all fairness AM defines the concept of Useful Idiot. And what can be more stupid than some self-proclaimed feminist covering up for the serial and serious abuse of women by a powerful and rich man?

    Truly Alpha males (or what passes for them among the limp wristed Left) don’t have to follow the same rules the rest of us do. They have useful idiots to enable them and cover up for them.

  7. So Much For Subtlety

    By the way – John Edwards is going down? Nice choice for a headline.

    Does that mean TW has seen the video?

  8. The video is historical evidence SMFS, so perhaps a better title would have been “John Edwards was going down”? We don’t know what (or who) he’s doing now…

    And really – there was a video and he didn’t destroy it? This isn’t Paris Hilton we’re talking about, he’s a successful (if sleazy) lawyer for fuck’s sake. Or did she make the video without his knowledge for insurance? It’s a bit suspicious that it just “turned up” at his aide’s place.

    The plot thickens…

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