Johnny Porritt stamps his feet

When the Coalition Government decided to get rid of the Sustainable Development Commission, I found it difficult to contain my anger. It was, quite simply, an act of ideological vandalism.

He\’s even written a report about how no one is listening to him anymore.

The one true nuggett is this:

That positioning (anti-regulation, hostile to planning, favouring the private sector, shrinking the state, etc) makes it significantly harder to deliver on the ‘Greenest Government Ever’ pledge, let alone to put sustainable development anywhere near the heart of government.

If it\’s true that sustainable development requires greater regulation, more planning, despising the private sector, growing the state, then it\’s not really all that surprising that a newly elected government which is anti-regulation, hostile to planning, favours the private sector and wishes to shrink the state is against sustainable development.

But note what Sir Johnny doesn\’t say: there is no mention at all of any real world implications. He\’s arguing solely about methods here, not either actions or results.

Which leads to more than a sneaking suspicion that more regulation (designed by Sir J of course), more planning (Sir Johnny and chums), despising the private sector (M\’dears, it\’s just all so close to trade isn\’t it?) and expanding the state (prop. Old Etonians like Sir J) is more important, more the desired aim, than anything like actually, you know, making this a richer, greener, world for us all. Don\’t forget, as head of the Optimum Population Trust Sir J is the one telling us peasants to stop breeding so damn much. Might encroach on his lawn doncher kno\’?

And the coup de grace?

It is, I’m afraid, unavoidably depressing to see just how rapidly things have gone backwards since May 2010. Instead of having a really strong story to tell at the Rio + 20 Conference in a year’s time, having built up an internationally-recognised framework for sustainable development in the 10 years running up to last year’s General Election, our contribution in Rio – as things stand at the moment – will be humiliatingly insubstantial.

40 ish Old Etonians decide not to do what they\’re told by 60ish Old Etonian and they\’re very naughty boys because this will make Sir Jonathon look bad in front of Johnny Foreigner.

Awwww, diddums.

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