Ms. Marcotte\’s howlingly stupid comment of the day

To be clear, there are two camps of egotistical politicians who cheat so stupidly, and the two should not be conflated: those who value consent and those who treat women like sex toys they can grab at, with little regard for what the women in question feel on the subject. Men like Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich are cheating cads, but they, as far as we all know, draw the line at violence against women.


Agreed, he\’s never been convicted of rape but he\’s certainly been accused of it.

And we can answer this question for her as well:

But despite the craziness of this particular situation, the basic story of the adulterous politician has become commonplace. Is there any situation more confounding in politics than the exposure of adultery in the ranks of ambitious politicians? Once or twice, you expect a man (and they are mostly men) to screw up and get caught, but the endless parade of cheaters and cads defies common sense.

If you simply assume at the outset, as intelligent people will and common sense insists we should, that all politicians are cheaters and cads then you can eplain both how many of them get caught and the quality of the laws that they make.

After all, we wouldn\’t be so badly governed purely by chance now would we?

3 thoughts on “Ms. Marcotte\’s howlingly stupid comment of the day”

  1. Someday, a definitive study will be conducted on why the incidence of aberrant sexual behaviour is so much higher amongst the political classes than those they purport to represent.
    Just don’t expect it to be state funded…..

  2. So Much For Subtlety

    It hardly needs much study – it is evolutionary psychology innit? Women like men with power and wealth (or at least massive access to same). Huge great big muscles doesn’t hurt either.

    They may deny it but there is no reason to believe them. Of course Arnold was going to get some on the side. If Prescott can, God knows women were going to be throwing themselves at the Governator.

    Evolutionary psychology would suggest that his wife would put up with it too – as long as he was in office. Once he failed as Governor and retired, she re-assessed his value.

  3. Ms Marcotte needs to read Christopher Hitchens’ “No One Left to Lie To”, his polemic condemning both Clintons. He didn’t hold back in that and outright accused Bill of rape. He never got sued for it, so….

    If she thinks he’s a charming guy who values consent, she’s got another think coming.

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