Note to Telegraph sub editors

YU55 orbits the sun every 14 years and last passed the earth in April 2010 at a distance of 1.5 million years.

Amazingly, some people do read to the 6 th para of news pieces.

Not that it\’s always possible to understand the 6th para of news pieces of course.

If only Tom were still with us to show you how it should be done, eh?

Via Pete L.

1 thought on “Note to Telegraph sub editors”

  1. This sort of guff always annoys me as well:

    “If it were to hit the earth, the asteroid, named YU55, would have an impact equivalent to 65,000 atom bombs”.

    Without a yield per atom bomb it’s utterly meaningless.

    And this is so stupid the hack that wrote it should be fed to badgers:

    “Passing by at a distance of just 201,000 miles, the asteroid will be the largest object ever to approach the earth so close. ”

    What about the KT impactor that wiped out the dinosaurs? That came closer (it hit), and it was a bloody sight bigger. I wish they wouldn’t get the work placement kid to do the science articles.

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