On the German company paying for prostitutes for their salesmen

And the tarts got a stamp on their arm for each service performed:

What\’s with the stamping numbers on peoples\’ arms? Didn\’t those madcap Germans already try that?

2 thoughts on “On the German company paying for prostitutes for their salesmen”

  1. Dude, the Nazis ruled Germany for 12 years 78 years ago … let’s just leave it at that, or I may remind you gently that the Brits invented KZs and are the only people to ever successfully complete a genocide, not to mention all the other stuff that folks everywhere keep tediously banging on about, insisting that todays people ‘pay up’ for stuff they didn’t do and wouldn’t either. But what can we do about our mad, vile, brutal ancestors? Nothing. All we can do is not copy them in any way…

    However about the hooker thing… seriously, don’t you think that other companies have similiar parties? Moreover, shock horror, prostitution is legal in Germany, tarts pay taxes there

    And would you rather the prostitutes charged a flat tariff than maximise their returns and get paid per job?

    Note that there were actually flat rate brothels in Germany, and that has been banned because due to the nature of the work, it’s somewhat unethical, so…this is a bit of a lose-lose situation, no matter what people do, moral apostels and feminists will find *something* they can pick on.

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