On the sacking of Gordon Ramsey\’s father in law

This old story seems to have gone a bit quiet:

Gordon Ramsay hit back at his father-in-law last night, saying that the row over his sacking had torn the family apart.

Chris Hutcheson had launched a blistering attack on the celebrity chef and warned that he knew ‘where the bodies are buried’ after being fired by Ramsay two weeks ago as chief executive of his restaurant empire.

Mr Hutcheson said he felt as if he had been ‘vaporised’ and accused 43-year-old Ramsay of turning his wife Tana against her father.

That\’s never the end of these sorts of stories. You\’d rather expect to see further things happen, court fights, unfair dismissla claims, that sort of thing.

I wonder what\’s been happening here, why we haven\’t heard about that next stage?

5 thoughts on “On the sacking of Gordon Ramsey\’s father in law”

  1. Tim adds: Reporting what has already been reported is fine. Reporting what may not be reported is not.

  2. Hey Tim, all I did was post a link to an extant report in the Telegraph. Or, in other words, reporting on what has already been reported.

    Tim adds: I know, but I’d rather leave more to imaginations……

  3. I think it wonderfully shows the absolute absurdity of our courts in full Queen of Hearts mode, attempting to stop people from reading two newspaper stories, one from today and one from not long ago, in sequence.

    Absolute madness. And, as Tim showed, having a very chilling effect on our free speech so that we censor and self-censor for fear of a worst-case scenario. Just the kind of “watch your mouth” climate of fear they have in totalitarian dictatorships.

    Time for Parliament to step in and act to protect the chilled people.

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