On upwardly mobile women

As is always the way, it\’s the woman, Carole, who is seen as socially aspirational and pushy. Her girls, Catherine and Pippa, have been called \”the wisteria sisters\”, as they are adept in social climbing. It is a recurring motif from Austen to Osborne that women are the schemers who dream of an upwardly mobile escape.

Rather longer than that actually.

It\’s simply a truism of the species that the cute women get to be upwardly mobile, get to catch the alpha males, in a way that neither their more dowdy sisters do nor cute men the top women.

The definition of \”cute\” certainly changes: there have been times and places, societies, where the Middletons would have definitely been considered on the dowdy side. Certainly decidedly aged, at near 30 for the new Duchess.

But cute being upwardly mobile? Just the way of the species.

3 thoughts on “On upwardly mobile women”

  1. In the past was not marriage a financial or political consideration. If the man wanted a ‘pretty’ then that was on the side.

  2. “nor cute men [catch] the top women”

    Not so often, possibly, but didn’t Princess Stéphanie of Monaco marry a couple of ‘cute men’ (a bodyguard and a circus performer, I think).

  3. The rich bastards always get the pretty girls – a phenomenon noticed by one of the early incarnations of the Tashkent Soviet which prompted a demand to “nationalise” women. Fortunately for the hotties of the Soviet Union they were saved from marriage to ugly proles by those knights in shining armour, chekisti sent from Moscow.

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