One way of applying for a job

The Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers (MAAF), which I presently serve as president,


In the US military, the chaplaincy is afforded great responsibility, access to service members, funding and senior positions within the chain of command.

Oooooh Kaaaay…..

Humanists wish to put forth chaplains,


See how it\’s done?

The head humanist chaplain would need to have one of those \”senior positions within the chain of command\” of course. The current Chief Chaplain is a Major General. And to have humanists ranked lower than religious types would of course be discrimination on religious grounds.

Which I guess is one way for a retired Captain like our MAAF President to make Major General…..

Cynic, Moi?

2 thoughts on “One way of applying for a job”

  1. Cynic?

    Yes, in this case.

    There are some rather gnarly ongoing issues in the US in regards to active evangelising in the US Military, particularly by fucknut fundies, and discrimination against non-religious servicemen.

    For once its not rentseeking, it’s an attempt to lay a bear trap for the top brass – if they say no to humanist chaplains then its off to SCOTUS with the ACLU and a legal challenge to argue that the military is violating the non-establishment clause of the 1st amendment.

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