Organic agriculture ain\’t the answer

Not to any reasonable question it ain\’t.

Take the case of farming suitable for a world with climate change. And let\’s just agree with the IPCC here. It\’s happening, we\’re causing it, something must be done.

Let\’s also take their predictions of what will be the effects. Warmer, wetter winters, hotter, drier summers.

With such a prediction, is organic agriculture part of the solution?

Even so, Richard Scott, chairman of the Suffolk National Farmers Union, speaks of farmers enduring some of the toughest conditions for decades.

“It’s the subject that preoccupies my every waking moment,” laments Peter Melchett, policy director of the Soil Association. Organic farmers tend to plant more of the spring-sown crops which, not having established their root systems, have been decimated. “The dust is unbelievable. It’s a complete nightmare.”

Ah, no, it isn\’t. As we can see, organic agriculture, as currently practised, is worse than conventional under these likely conditions.

So bugger that for a game of soldiers then.

2 thoughts on “Organic agriculture ain\’t the answer”

  1. I like Matt Ridley’s argument in the Rational Optimist that to grow the World’s 4 billion acres of agriculture organically would require an area equivalent to North America and Russia set aside for grazing the cattle that would produce the manure.

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