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But you simply cannot call yourself \”pro-choice\” and then bar people who do not agree with you from expressing their opposing view. It\’s an oxymoronic position. People who defend such regressive behaviour, simply mirror that of the dictatorial hardliners they supposedly stand against. Then they wonder why they get called \”feminazis\”.


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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    I am totally in agreement, but I think that abortion is a special case. Clearly most governments are utterly gutless on this issue. So what they want is some plausible deniability. They give the pro-abortion lobby what they want – abortion on demand up to and including women who have gone into labour (and yes, I have talked with a doctor who has performed an abortion on a woman who had gone into labour and then changed her mind) – while imposing token, paper-only rules that serve as a sop to public opinion.

    Allowing anyone who does not share the pro-abortion consensus to advise would cause debate and controversy. Then the public might think things. Then politicians would have to take a stand. That can’t be good for them. So best for those in the industry and politics to keep quiet and let the status quo continue.

  2. “Feminazi” is a term brought into popular usage by Rush Limbaugh. But I’m almost certain it’s the brainchild of your own irrepressible Chris Brand–from about 15 years or so ago.

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