Rampant stupidity of the day from Martin Kettle

An outsider like Peter Mandelson could be perfect for the IMF

Oh Dear Lord.

We\’d rather, you know, have someone who knows a little about economics? Banking experience would be a plus.

Rather than a machine politician: might as well propose Richard Daley.

13 thoughts on “Rampant stupidity of the day from Martin Kettle”

  1. China has publically called for the job to go to an emerging markets candidate.

    Kettle thinks they have also asked Mandelson to do it.

    What are they trying to say about the UK?


  2. Well, at least hotel chambermaids would be safe enough…………page boys’d have to be mighty careful though.

  3. I think this is one of those “depends on whether I agree with him” deals. You know, is an outsider/breath of fresh air, is a dangerously unqualified lunatic.

    Sort of like the pronoun dependent definition of madness. “I’m quirky, you’re eccentric, he’s a nutcase”.

  4. I vote for Alvaro Uribe ex President of Colombia,
    Probably the only politican to have increased his country’s credit worthiness this century.

  5. it can’t be any European really, because the big project is Europe and also because the IMF has so far not ordered the PIGS to carry out the favourite IMF policy…devaluation. How long can the IMF go before insisting that the Eurozone is restructured in same way, either by return to the deutsch mark or by the PIGS leaving the zone?

  6. At least Greg Mankiw is saying that Stanley Fischer, ex-MIT econ professor and current Governor of the Bank of Israel, may want the job. Seems a much better choice.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised at Peter Mandleson being given the role as he has the ultra pro-Europe role and he is a clever political manipulator.

    The fact that he’s been caught being “economical with the actualité” more than once is probably a bonus with the EU being in the brown and sticky stuff for the next few years.

    Mandleson’s ability to push different aspects of the same agenda might mean that he can keep the Euro plates in the air for just a little longer.

    The EU needs to buy two years and with Mandleson as its head, I reckon they could probably do it.

    Get a non-European in the role and the plates will come crashing down tomorrow. In actual fact for all true anti-EU’ers out their, this would be the least-worst option.

    This debt bubble will keep inflating at an ever increasing rate until someone pops it. The only question is “Will Greece pop the bubble themselves by defaulting as soon as they get into surplus?”

    As the old Chinese curse goes “May you live in interesting times”. Indeed.

  8. diogenes: under DSK, devaluation was the one thing countries wishing to join the EU couldn’t do. It led to horrible austerity measures. Just ask the Latvians. He’s been a ghastly impediment to real reform. An MD from an emerging country might well be the thing needed to stop the IMF being run solely in the interests of France and Germany. Merkel might cut up rough in this case, though.

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