@Richardjmurphy on those Spanish protests against neoliberalism

The table that arrived in Madrid\’s Puerta del Sol square was part of the swirl of creative chaos, naive enthusiasm and pent-up frustration that has transformed it into a makeshift camp for thousand of protesters who call themselves los indignados, the indignant ones.

Tents and mattresses, armchairs and sofas, a canteen, portable toilets and solar panels have sprung up in a remarkable display of organisational prowess. And the mass of people jostling around, each pursuing their own dream or demand, or just watching others doing the same, seemed more like something transported from the Arab spring in north Africa than from Europe.

At least that\’s what Our Ritchie calls it all:

RichardJMurphy: Spain reveals pain over cuts and unemployment | guardian.co.uk http://ht.ly/5059E Simply explained: neoliberalism does not work
So, err, what is it that we call \”creative chaos\”, \”people jostling around, each pursuing their own dream or demand\”?
Umm, neoliberalism isn\’t it? Everyone gets to do their own thing rather than what they\’re told to do?
So Our Favourite Retired Accountant is using the success of neoliberal action to prove that it does not work.
Well done indeed.

2 thoughts on “@Richardjmurphy on those Spanish protests against neoliberalism”

  1. The amusing thing is, all the Green New Deal shit Dick Murphy was plugging yesterday is partially the reason why the job market in Spain is so knackered.

  2. Well, yes, Johnson. We already know what a world run according to Murphyesque principles looks like, and it mainly involves prison camps and bread queues.

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