Sex in Britain

But 16 year-old skank, Lucy McIntyre, said: \”What the government needs to realise is that I, and millions of my fellow teenagers in the full blossom of skankhood, couldn\’t be kept off the cock by an army of disapproving Ninjas.

\”We are going to rut away like a Danish version of the Duracell bunny and frankly there\’s very little David Cameron can do, unless he plans to hide behind every KFC in Britain with a fire hose and a taser.\”

Why weren\’t it like that when I were a lad?

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  1. So Much For Subtlety

    Well it probably was, just in a much smaller segment of the population. On the other hand, they had the cash and the skills to provide a half decent education for all sorts of people.

    Think you would have been better off as part of the Underclass?

  2. To echo SMFS,

    Because, I’m guessing, you came from a better-off neighbourhood. I went to a very mixed school in terms of wealth and the lads in the poorer neighbourhoods got far more snatch than those in well-off areas. It’s simple economics, I suppose. If you’re likely to be a shop girl, you might risk getting up the duff more readily than someone that’s likely going to end up running a PR company.

    It’s also why the rise in teenage pregnancies hasn’t been uniform across incomes. No, I’m not saying that poor girls get up the duff deliberately to get a council house, just that they’re more likely to take the risk than they would have 30 years ago.

  3. Joseph:
    “No, I’m not saying that poor girls get up the duff deliberately to get a council house…”

    Well you should, because they do. And it works.

  4. @ Tim
    The lesser reason is because when I was young (and to a slightly extent when you were) girls were worried about the bad effects of getting pregnant and of venereal disease (a common side-effect of promiscuity). Neither is now a deterrent – VD is now called STD and is deemed to be endemic, rather than a self-inflicted injury and social support for a single mother under New Labour was more generous than for an unemployed teenager.
    The greater reason is that Labour has, under Wilson, Blair and Brown, gone out of its way to destroy any moral standards inspired by or even compatible with religious beliefs (Attlee and Callaghan seemed decent guys but may just have had other worries).
    I was a middle-class kid living in a working-class neighbourhood (so I learned self-defence at the age of 5) but very very few girls were actively looking for pre-marital, let alone casual sex.

  5. Tim, have to echo much of what’s been said above. Any book labelled a ‘secret history’ of any community seems to inevitably involve copious recollections of hooky nooky.

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