Simon Heffer

Simon Heffer to leave Daily Telegraph

Long-serving associate editor and style guide scourge to pursue role in journalism and broadcasting

An amusing way to put it. That you leave a national broadsheet in order to pursue journalism.

6 thoughts on “Simon Heffer”

  1. Even more amusing when being an author of a book is called journalism.

    “the paper’s owner Telegraph Media Group said he was leaving to “complete a major literary project””

  2. They’re skating on thin ice.

    If they sack Booker as well, I’m cancelling my sub.

    The Barclay Brother’s Beano indeed.

  3. “Leave a National Broadsheet to pursue a role in journalism”, not so strange. The Telegraph (aka Failygraph) and journalism seem to be complete strangers to one another these days. With the odd honourable exception of course.

  4. Being fired by the people who keep Nile Gardiner and Con Coughlin on their books is either terribly demeaning or a splendid compliment.

    What does the Torygraph have against Heffer? Failure to keep his lips on the Prime Ministerial cheeks?

  5. I cancelled my Telegraph subscription ages ago.. I didn’t want to pay to read Mary Riddell’s utter crap…

    Having said that.. Simon Heffer is a tool….

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